Compliance training gets a bad rap. It’s often some of the most important information you need to communicate, but also the most poorly received. Believe it or not, we love it. Making learning engaging and effective is our passion, and compliance learning is where we get the opportunity to take on this challenge and make a real impact.

What we hear

“Our industry is just so complex…” and “…The learning can be overwhelming”. Some topics are complex, and we need to do them justice. It’s about really understanding the content but also how things play out on the job. We work with you to unpack these challenges and deliver learning that prepares your people for the real world.

What you can expect from us:

Stories are powerful. We harness storytelling to strongly communicate the “why.”

No “info-dumps”, just great learning built on a foundation of strong learning design principles.

Authentic learning that enables people to find and use information at the point of need; rather than testing recall that fades over time.

We subvert expectations. Good learning is compelling and keeps learners engaged.